Think you can continue fighting against a horde of zombie with – the second chapter of Come to give it a shot now to experience further challenges then see if you can vanquish all hordes of zombies. In this zombies-themed free for all IO game, if you play as a human, you have to move around the map searching for a lot of objects then use them to build a safe place for yourself or you can use them as a cover. The zombies will come to you sooner or later, so you must quickly form a secured place before they approach. In case you get tagged, you will be changed into a zombie as well, and this time, you will join the zombie group. If you play as a zombie, your objective is to go tag more humans to make them partake in your party. The goal of is to bring the final triumph to your team!

How to play

Direct the movement of your character using WASD or arrow keys. Use the spacebar to jump, click the left mouse to assault.

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