Get ready for an exciting adventure of new strategy game, where thrilling merge gameplay meets strategic tower defense elements.

In Chicken Merge, your mission is to defend your base from relentless hordes of enemies. By deploying an army of chickens, you need to train and enhance your chicken units to make them formidable defenders. The game is all about merging identical chickens to create stronger ones.

To excel in Chicken Merge, you’ll need to employ cunning tactics. Combine your chickens strategically, choosing when and where to strengthen your defenses. As you progress, you’ll unlock better upgrades and weapons, expanding your arsenal and enhancing your abilities.

Unblocked Chicken Merge gun game offers an exhilarating merge game experience with a unique twist of tower defense strategy. Download the Chicken Merge APK or play Chicken Merge online on browsers for endless fun.

How to play

Merge identical chickens by dragging and dropping them to fortify your guardian flock.

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