FNaF Shooter is a cool FPS where you start as a watchman working at a creepy restaurant. You’d better destroy all haunted animatronic mascots so you can survive.

Not only that, you will have the chance to protect the entire world from those crazy robots. In fact, you are facing a very dangerous invasion. Additionally, you should control your abilities well for survival.

Unlike some first Five Nights at Freddy’s games, the player will be able to roam around areas in the building. Moreover, the main character will have a gun, grenades, and other weapons to switch and use. Therefore, it promises to be an interesting battle.

In FNaF Shooter unblocked, you can wander throughout rooms, jump, and even run. So, you can escape from the enemy’s deadly jumps of those killing machines. But, you should not forget that they can lurk and appear at any time.

FNaF Shooter 3D is a great first-person shooting game that you can access right now. Remember to reload your gun and aim at the opponent carefully! It’s helpful to survive for a long time.

How to play

  • Move the mouse around the map to watch over the enemy
  • WASD keys to roam
  • W and Shift to run
  • Spacebar to show a jump
  • Hold Right Mouse to aim at the rival
  • Click Left Mouse to fire
  • R to reload the weapon
  • G to throw your grenades
  • Scroll the mouse to change weapons
  • 1-7 to select weapons quickly.
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