Galaxystrife is a space-themed 2D Shooter which owns simple gameplay and exciting fights. Join the new multiplayer match with other online enemies and eliminate every rival as soon as possible. It is also the key to conquer the highest position on the leaderboard of Galaxystrife. However, it is not available to engage in the challenge along with your friends or create a party because it is only valid with the Free For All mode. Don’t worry! It will be a great place that you can use to practice, upgrade your shooting skill, and prove your capability in front of hundreds of rivals throughout the real world. After you set your nickname, you can immediately hop into an arena unblocked. It is easy to attack and move. Be careful! You must dodge projectiles which are deployed constantly from every side. Otherwise, you will lose in a wink. Especially, do not skip power-ups such as weapons, special abilities, or energy orbs left by fallen guys. Stay alive and get an edge over the rest! Good luck!

How to play

Move the ship with your mouse cursor, press Left mouse to fire, Right mouse to use special abilities

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