It is great to have your shooting skill tested in 2D Shooter games online, and with Gun Battle, you will surely enjoy the gameplay as well as have a lot of fun with it. Prepare yourself for this Arcade-style Battle Royale shooter game right now then see how excellent your skill has become. You can pick the game mode that you like before spawning in the map. Once the gunfight has been kicked off, make your way through the arena carefully hunting down as many opponents as possible using your provided strong guns. For each kill and win you earn, you will be granted a certain amount of coins, then spend them on brand new skins in the shop. Remember, it will be doom for you if you get shot by the rivals, so please defend yourself all the time during the course of the game and try your hardest to survive longer. Get ready for it now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Direct the movement of your gunner using WASD/Arrow keys. Aim and shoot with the mouse.

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