Do you have what it takes to conquer KRUNT.IO – another exciting 2D Shooter game online with the Battle Royale concept? Let’s try it now to present your best skills! The game forces you to loot enemies, construct a base, produce materials and slay everything standing in your way while attempting to elude the storm. Outplaying your opponents has never been an easy thing unless you have some strategies for that. Once you outsmart them, you will get closer the victory at the end of the match. There are many weapons you can use to dish out damage to your rivals, such as assault rifle, SMG, scar, and shotgun. They will help you on this journey for sure! You can even craft more useful items when you make progress. Just be careful and stay watchful for your surroundings during the course of the fight, especially the storm that keeps approaching the playing area. Will you be the last one standing? Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse to fire, build walls using key Q, press the spacebar to jump, use key Shift to sprint, key R to reload, key M to view the map, keys 1-6 or the mouse wheel scroll to change weapons and key E to interact with ground items, chests, and cars.

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