In – an epic 2D Shooter Upgrades IO game, you will have a chance to ride on a lot of dinosaurs then step into a brutal fight where you must knock all enemies out of the arena. Dinosaur is regarded as the most significant element making different from other Battle Royale games. You should ride a lot of them, gather many weapons then use them to finish off any enemies standing in your way. T-Rex is known as the toughest dinosaur available, if you find him, you will be able to take on even tougher opponents. Also, don’t forget to break a lot of objects to find new loot. You’d better defend yourself from the enemy attacks and give them no chances to ambush you, otherwise, you will take massive damage, causing the game to be over. The final objective for you in this IO game is to become the strongest fighter! Are you ready? Give it a shot now!

How to play

Move your character using keys WASD. Click the left mouse button to fire, use key E to collect items or interact, key R to reload, the right mouse to drop an item, key Esc to open the menu and key M to open the map.

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