is a cool adventure game set in a complex maze. There are plenty of challenges waiting for you ahead in SlimeMaze free io unblocked game. Prepare everything in advance then jump into it now! You will pop up in a lobby area, after that, a large maze will appear in front of you. You step into it to begin your adventure through the maze, and your goal here is to get to the end of it safe and sound. On your way, you will encounter many blobs of slime that are left by previous players. Think carefully before making a decision on following those blobs or not, because they may lead you to the right path or cause you to meet some dead ends. Similarly, you can leave some blobs behind you if you want, and this takes only 15 seconds. Don’t forget to use your skills to solve all the secrets of the maze. Play Slime Maze io free game now!

How to play

Control your slime around the maze using WASD, use the mouse to position slime blobs or purchase items in the shops.

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