Squadd Royale is a nice Free For All game based on Battle Royale genre. Choose the nearest region and you will be moved to a strange location which looks like a distant island. Select a point that you want and jump from the airplane to start your adventure. It is also related to an intense match where you are required to survive as long as possible. Moreover, you can dominate the top spot if you are the last survivor. Play Squadd Royale you can walk, run, or drive cars. These vehicles are effective to shorten the distance between two spots or help you escape faster. Actually, you are joining a crazy fight against multiple foes throughout the real world. You do not forget to keep away from stronger characters or evade dangerous situations. You’d better search for good weapons, ammo, and health power-ups to get an edge over the rest, gain more XP and unlock levels, etc. Enjoy it!

How to play

Press Space bar to drop, WASD keys to move, LMB to fire, E or scroll the mouse wheel to change weapons or get in vehicles, R to reload, M to open the map, F to use health power-ups, RMB to display emotes

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