is a Free For All 2D shooter game which is based on a popular sport, with a twist. It is an online multiplayer pool where you will compete with a lot of opponents. Aside from shooting balls, you are allowed to kick these items at your rivals’ body to eliminate them. Therefore, you should always observe everything around your place and dodge hits promptly or you will be removed in an instant. The point that you receive during comes from different sources. Actually, it will depend on the target that you attack. So, you can loot scores by taking aggressive action against somebody. Additionally, every level that you unlock will help you upgrade your own stats. Further, you are able to improve an increasingly powerful ability when you advance more. Especially, you are advised to catch and interact with the golden object to obtain a powerful bonus. Good luck!

How to play

Hold down LMB to charge power, RMB to release an instant full power shot, scroll the mouse wheel to zoom

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