See how many kills you can pick up in an awesome 2D Shooter game called VOOS.IO! This web-browser IO game keeps all players fascinated for hours as it offers unique gameplay, great graphics, fantastic challenges and so forth. You’d better give it a shot now if you want to practice your skills. In the game, you will play as a mafia whose mission is to kill the target. There are up to 24 Mafia currently available in the game, and you can pick one for yourself before jumping into the action. You need to make your way through the map carefully trying to shoot down all of your targets before they eliminate you. Make the most out of all weapons you have to deal damage to others, and you can even destroy various buildings too. When you do a lot of damage, you can earn a lot of money, then use it to purchase even more mafia or nice items. In VOOS.IO, you must become the best and the most dangerous mafia!

How to play

Shoot enemies using the mouse, move around the map using WASD, buy mafia using keys 1-9.

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