unblocked is a tough zombie game online inspired by Build Royale and Zombs Royale. All of them follow the battle royale concept, which means you must defeat your opponents until you are the last player alive on the ground. You may have played many battle royale io games in browsers before, but with this game title, you will surely have a fresh experience. Once you have spawned on the map, you have to quickly collect as many weapons then arm yourself with them to defeat all enemies. There is a wide range of arsenals you can have, including a shotgun, a pistol, a rocket launcher, or a machine gun. Aside from killing enemies, you must protect yourself, which is a very important thing. Also, be careful with the danger zone as it will approach closer to the play area. The longer you survive, the higher the chance you win. online is already available to play in browsers, so come to enjoy it right now!

How to play

Click the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse or W to sprint, the mouse to move, Q to change weapons, and F to release weapons.

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