Get ready to set out another adventure full of deadly traps in Trap Adventure 2 free unblocked! That’s true! The tough game with annoying traps is finally back with more challenging stages to conquer. If you want to experience another adventure, then give a shot to Trap Adventure 2 HTML5 game now! In this second version, you are also provided with 10 lives to play. Make sure you will not misuse your given lives, or else the game will be reset. You will start with the first stage, if you get through it, you will reach another stage with tougher challenges. Like always, the traps will not be visible. They can pop up suddenly, causing you to die. So, you must be careful when jumping on the platforms and try not to fall down into any traps. Make sure you use your quick reflexes to surpass all the obstacles. Do you think you can pass all the in-game stages? Wish you luck!

How to play

Use keys A/D to move your character and use key W to jump.

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