CELLX is a new game that is similar to Agario Style in terms of gameplay. You should give it a try if you want to experience further awesome challenges. The game promises to take the Agar.io concept to the next level. When you enter the map, you are just a small cell that has to defend itself from aggressive players. You must eat as many cell parts as possible to generate a strong cell army for yourself. The more cells you consume, the more you can expand your army, making you stronger than ever. You should also manage your resources properly so you can be unstoppable. Never underestimate your opponents as they will become tougher when you make progress. So, you should use your strategies to get an upper hand on them. Remember, once you get eaten, the game will be over! Will you top the leaderboard in CELLX? Try it now!

How to play

Us the mouse for the movement, press keys 1-9 to build the cell.

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