is not a simple 2D shooter game. It is a cool and addictive title based on Agario style and free for all to join. It is about a survival match set in the middle of the universe. It’s very fast to step into the battlefield after you press the play button. In, you need to perform and handle your skills carefully because you can be finished off whenever. To become the winner and take over the top spot, do not forget to complete every essential element.

Actually, is regarded as an intense battle that you will be only able to conquer when you collect the highest score, kill the most enemies, survive for a long time, and maintain your health. It’s hard to pay attention to each of them. So, what you can do after you participate in is to dodge every attack coming from directions. You must defend yourself while hunting down the rest. Your point will be increased and you can get close to the position you want. Furthermore, it’s helpful to gather multicolored dots on the path. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to aim, Left click to fire

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