Master your skills in an awesome Battle Royale Tower Defense game called FOWz which is free for all! It features both attack and defense elements, making it much more engaging yet also very challenging. You take control of your own character going around the map to fire numerous objects for killing your foes while you have to defend yourself at the same time as you can get destroyed by them in an exactly the same way. Besides attacking, you must also focus on protecting too. When you do that, you can utilize an epic spin attack to fight off any objects that are exploding around you. Don’t forget to buy some brand new characters with better skills as well as employ further better items so as to recover your health and stamina. Conquering the FOWz arena is the biggest challenge and the main objective that every player is trying to do. Can you achieve this goal? Let’s jump into the action now!

How to play

Use the mouse for the movement, attack enemies using the right mouse, and use the left mouse to defend yourself.

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