Do you believe that a simple yo-yo can kill an enemy? It is totally possible in unblocked – a new io game with exclusive gameplay. You will join free game in a browser to compete against multiple players from around the world. With a yoyo in your hand, try to aim and throw it at the enemies to eliminate them and earn points for yourself. Keep in mind that other players will do the same to you, therefore, you must elude their yoyos, or else it will be the game over for you. There are power pellets dispersed around on the ground, go pick them up to charge your super power and get yourself much stronger. With enough points, feel free to level up yourself to increase the size of your yoyo, which makes its attack range grow too. The longer you survive, the higher the rank you can reach! Enjoy online game for free in your browser now!

How to play

Direct the movement of your character with arrow keys or WASD. Throw your yoyo at enemies using the left mouse.

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