Warfare 1917 is a free-action battle game where you command an army with various units. Please launch the right unit and remember to upgrade your military soon!

Before each match, you can make your units stronger. After that, you will send them to the trenches. Not only that, you should control your people smartly so they can beat the enemy on the opposite side.

Attempt to overwhelm the foe and allow your troops to clear the remaining part in Warfare 1917 unblocked! Aside from that, you can choose, combine available units and deploy them at the same time.

Actually, there are various units that you will unlock such as assault troopers, mortar troopers, riflemen, and many more. Further, it’s entirely easy to utilize your special possibilities, for example, a mortar attack, when it is valid.

It’s free for you to play Warfare 1917 online on browsers. Although it’s exciting while fighting, you should search for suitable tactics and unleash them carefully. If you win and level up, you’ll have the chance to open upgrades. Get ready to participate in the combat and finish it quickly!

How to play

Take control of units in-game with your Left Mouse.

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