If you love to play io puzzle games online, then don’t skip Gatoslice free online – a fantastic game full of puzzles and hard levels to conquer. This title will be a good chance for fans of puzzles. You will go through many levels to hone your skills. In each level, you are tasked with solving some pieces of pizza or many other round foods that are sliced into 8 different parts You must carefully place every order on one of the 6 provided empty plates and ensure that you will not put them on the spots that were used already. Hence, it is important to think before act. A huge amount of points will be given to you if you complete all the plates in a fast period of time. As you progress, the levels will be harder to complete, which means you will give your brain more workouts. How many levels can you beat? Show off your skills in Gatoslice free game now!

How to play

Use the mouse to place the orders and interact with objects in the game.

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