is a classic free online multiplayer game. Play with a yellow dot and you can work together with your team to overcome attacks of ghosts. After you accept to enter the maze, you should act carefully if you want to survive. Not only that, you need to eat green pellets to earn higher points. They will help you stay alive and climb up to the better position on the leaderboard. Although you can die whenever if you let the enemy catch you, you are able to revenge after you absorb a pill. That special item will allow you to bite the foe and swallow them without difficulty. Note that it will not exist forever. Therefore, you must run away once it is not active. Aside from that, you can drop a blinding object to surprise and confuse your chaser. Additionally, moving continuously through the map will prevent antagonists from killing you. Good luck!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move around the map.

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