is a good classic Splix style game. Instead of playing solo against other opponents, you are able to visit the party mode and enjoy the new challenge with your friends in the same arena. You will begin with a paper block and your mission is to become the top player by taking over the largest area of the maze. What you occupy will increase your score and help you rank up. Like the original, you will spawn in a very small zone. You should leave that spot and embark on your journey. You can move around and use the trail to surround the region that you want. Do not roam too far or you can get troubles and you cannot defend your home! However, you are completely allowed to choose the style that you love. Especially, you will kill somebody if you run into their line. That strategy is not similar to the popular tip of Thus, try to survive and be the King!

How to play

Use Arrows to move around the map, surround areas, and bump into other lines.

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