Daud.io is a space combat game where you have to control your own fleet to go fight against other enemies’ fleets in a brutal clash. All players are pitted against each other in the same arena, making the victory harder to achieve. You have to go attack and kill as many enemies as possible to accumulate your fleet. Gradually collecting kills, the size of your fleet will become much bigger, giving you more strength to cope with the tougher enemies. In case your fleet is still too small, you should watch out for your surroundings as the bigger fleets can ambush you anytime. Do not soak massive damage, otherwise, you will end up getting destroyed. Make use of all the bullets you have in order to weaken the opponents and make them face their doom. The main goal is to turn your fleet into the best one in the huge space arena. Let’s have your skills ready for this journey now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your ships, press spacebar or click the left mouse to fire, use key S to speed up.

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