There are many ocean-themed io games, and unblocked is one of them giving you an interesting experience. The game revolves around a small shark trying to become a giant shark in this underwater arena. You spawn small and have no points at all. But, when you collect some gems, your size will be increased and then you can speed up yourself to chase other smaller sharks or run away from the bigger ones. Don’t come close to the bigger sharks because if you do, you will get eaten and lose gems. But when you run into the sharks with the same size as you, you will not lose any gems. If you pick up round gems, you get 3 points. If you collect fish-shaped gems, you get 10 points. Watch out for the edge of the map as you play. Running into the edge will make you meet your end. The main goal for you in free online is to top the leaderboard and dominate the ocean. Have fun with it!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your shark. Use the spacebar or hold the mouse button to speed up.

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