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Bruh.io is a new Battle Royale Io game. Play Free For All mode with unsung heroes around the world and become the last standing man to win the top spot! Everybody including you will be delivered to a strange land in which you are forced to fight against each other. You will have to look for weaponry throughout the map as fast as possible and get end edge over your antagonists. Be careful! You need to stay alive as you can only spectate until the new round is set if you are eliminated. When you log in or register, you can save your Win and Kill stats to compete on the global leaderboard. Like the original, a dangerous gas zone will be activated after you spawn. You’d better avoid that place before you cannot breathe. Move to the safe area and do not forget to loot! That will help you escape unnecessary dangers and achieve the goal sooner. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, the mouse to aim, LMB to fire, E to pick up items, T to toggle chat, L to open the leaderboard.

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