is a great Minecraft style survival game unblocked. The map is set in a cave full of valuable resources. They are exploitable ores that will help you craft weapons along with other items and more. They will be tools which are necessary to keep you safe from attacks of enemies and monsters. Besides, you do not ignore the presence of gold because it can be used to buy upgrades from the shop of free and bring you to a higher position on the leaderboard easily.

Explore you will be able to farm, construct a base, and sell objects. When you know how to defend your ingredients and earn more coins, you will also rank up quickly. Moreover, mob spawners in online are useful to increase your XP and generate stuff. You can enchant equipment with the point you have gained. Are you ready to uncover every task and complete all? Good luck!

How to play

Strike WASD to roam, Left mouse to choose or interact, E to craft, Shift to sneak, Q to drop, Shift & Q to drop more, Right mouse or Space to detonate TNT after you throw it
Use Right mouse or Space on an enchantment table to enchant items

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