Play Crowd Free For All game online against multiple competitors worldwide and dominate the new map by being the most popular team! In other words, it is necessary for you to build up the biggest group if you hope to take over the top spot and rule. Dissimilar to some titles which own the same gameplay, you will start off with a zombie instead of an ordinary man. However, the way to grow your clan in number is not different. You will have to roam around the playfield in Crowd to find humans. Next, approach those targets to bite with teeth or grab with hands. More importantly, you will infect and spread a dangerous virus afterward. They will be forced to follow you and turned into your minions. If you are successful, your rank will be increased and you can get stronger. That is crucial because you will be able to eliminate opponents nearby easier. Are you willing to be the best leader? Good luck!

How to play

Press the mouse button and move the mouse to navigate your zombie

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