Crowd City is a fascinating multiplayer game putting your skills to a test via many challenges. Imagine that you are controlling a group of people around the city and trying to make it larger than ever, how cool it is, right? However, it will be also very challenging to carry out this job as you will face off against many opponents who also control their own groups at the same time. Crowd City can make you feel like you are playing another version of, but it surely brings you many funnier challenges to conquer. You must do whatever it takes to make your group bigger by inviting more people to join or even stealing some people from other groups just to beat your rivals. Defend your group as well and try to overcome all the dangers standing in your way when you roam through the city seeking more people. The final goal here is to become the largest group in the entire city. Good luck to you!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your group in the game.

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