Crowd City app is a popular mobile app game and now you can try a new version of it called Crowded! You will have a new adventure in another huge city in which you are a zombie that is hungry for more humans as well as more enemy zombies in order to build a big crowd for yourself. You make your way through the city trying to absorb as many of them as possible. Eating them is not a hard thing, but sometimes, you will still need more tricks or tactics to take on the tougher crowds, especially if they are bigger than your crowd. You can stay away from for your safety or engage in conflict to defeat them using your own strategies. Through over time, your crowd will grow in size. Keep increasing it until it becomes the largest crowd in the city, and the victory will belong to you. Prepare yourself for this adventure in Crowded City game with free gameplay now!

How to play

Direct the movement of your crowd around the city using the mouse or arrow keys.

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