Dominia is a real-time upgrades strategy game online opening an interesting journey for you to conquer. In the game, you will start constructing an empire that can rule the whole map. To obtain it, you must form a powerful foundation and gradually make it larger through over time. In addition, you need to collect many resources then use them to craft a lot of stuff. Try to place as many buildings as possible to generate more resources for you, also, be sure to form your troops. During the course of the game, you will bump into other players who are doing the exact same job. You have to ensure that they won’t deal any damage to you while trying to wipe them out before it’s too late. You can send your troops out into the fight then let them help you finish off everything in sight. The main goal here is to build your dominance in this playing field. Good luck to you!

How to play

Move around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse to interact.

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