Dupl.io is a new Free For All game that you should play. Compete with other players and defeat everybody to become the most powerful player. You will be equipped with a special tool which allows you to turn everything into your property. After you accept to take part in the match with multiple rivals throughout the world, you are recommended search for a block with white dots. Next, you can click on that area and you will see they grow. They will expand in 4 directions. Its growth will be limited once per second in order to provide to you a little time to make a plan for the next attack. When you receive more areas, you have already captured neighbors. Be careful! They can do the same for you. Thus, you must defend your territory and survive as long as possible. It is not simple to occupy something. Attempt to cause a chain reaction! Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with tiles.

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