In a fun Slither Style Classic IO game called, you take on the role of a little laser snake competing against many opponents from around the world. At first, your snake is too weak, therefore, you must let it eat a lot of food dispersed across the arena to increase its size as well as to become stronger. When it grows, the field of view will become much broader, giving you an ability to see more people and food. When everything is ready, jump into a clash where you will confront with a lot of other snakes. You must make them hit the border, themselves or even your body. They will die instantly if you trap them like that, and once they die, pick up their dead drops to power up yourself even more. Your goal in is to become the longest snake ruling the whole map. Prepare your skills for this awesome snake-themed adventure now! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your snake, press the spacebar to speed up.

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