In a fun zombie-themed game called Monsters VS Humans!, the humans and zombies have to compete against each other and vie for the ultimate dominance. If you are a human, you have to protect yourself from the zombies and do whatever it takes to survive their attacks. Make the most out of your human abilities to defeat these bloodthirsty enemies and give them no chances to get close to you. In case you become a zombie, then your objective here is to go kill all humans before they kill you with their weapons. The battle will get tougher, so you must team up with your comrades more and more to fight off the opponent team. Each team wants to become the winning team at the end of the match, also, this is the main goal you must achieve in Monsters VS Humans! Are you ready? Come to play it now! Good luck!

How to play

Move around the map with keys WASD, use the mouse for turning, key B to purchase weapons, key G to drop weapons and key E to collect items.

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