n00b.io is a first-person 2D Shooter game with Battle Royale element. There are already many Battle Royale free for all games on the Internet, but with this title, you will earn another gaming experience. The game is filled with pixelated graphics, making it more discrepant from other previous IO games. You will select your favorite class of fighter then jump into the game to begin the fight. Your fighter is armed with a set of weapons, so you ought to use them wisely when fighting against your rivals. Use the weapons to inflict pain and damage on them as you attempt to defend yourself from soaking damage from others. Elude your rivals as fast as possible! Watch out for your ammo count, reload the gun in time and keep launching your shots. In case you cannot fight back, go to a tactical place on the map to hide! You should play skillfully for a chance of becoming a champion in n00b.io!

How to play

Control your character using WASD or arrow keys. Use the left mouse to fire, spacebar to jump and key Shift to sprint.

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