Here comes another Splix Style game online called 2 which is totally free to access in a browser. Anyone who is a big fan of 1, they should check out this second installment for new features. Since the game is still in the series, it will bear similar gameplay mechanics. You also move around the map in the shape of a paper trying to capture a lot of empty spaces for expanding your main realm. Make sure that the spaces must be connected back to the realm as fast as possible. Your tail is a weak spot when you hunt for spaces! If somebody hits it, you will meet your doom for sure. Also, if you crash into your own tail or the map border, it will be a game over for you as well. To kill opponents, you have to hit their tails without them knowing. Once you wipe them out, quickly capture their spaces to enlarge your realm even more. Will you be able to dominate the arena in 2? Play it now and don’t forget to check out 3!

How to play

Move around the map capturing spaces using keys WASD or arrow keys.

3.5/5 - (2 votes)