Featuring custom tracks created by various players and unique paper designs, Paper Racer unblocked will become a famous racing io game for you to master. When playing Paper Racer game, you also have a chance to show off your track-building skills besides expressing your racing skills. Feel free to create your own track or race on one designed by other players to experience awesome races. You must speed up your paper racer to go against all opponents and try to outplay them all using your special skills. There will be obstacles on the track that you need to overcome to continue the race. Watch out for teleporters, guns, and changes in gravity as you race. Any racer that gets to the finish line first with the best score will become the ultimate winner. Paper Racer online has everything you could ever want in a racing game when it allows you to play campaign, solo, or even challenge a friend.

How to play

Use left/right arrow keys or A/D to tilt your paper racer to the left/right, up arrow key or W to speed up, down arrow key or S to brake. Press Z or spacebar to change the facing of your character and turn around. Use Enter to restart from the latest checkpoint, and backspace to restart from the previous checkpoint.

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