Paperio 3 is a good MMO Agario style game which is available for all ages to play. It is similar to, too. According to gameplay based on both popular titles, you will get an extremely exciting match for sure. You will start off with a paper block and spawn on a small area. To expand your own territory and earn higher ranks in Paperio 3, you do not forget to capture as many zones as possible. Depart from the beginning land and use the trail that your tool creates so as to surround the target. Remember to return your home to finish! When you are successful in occupying something on the playfield or neighbors in Paperio 3, you can progress and get an edge over many characters. However, note that the line that your object generates is vulnerable. It is the weakest part that you are recommended to protect. By evading enemies, you can survive. But, you are able to deploy the same tip to eliminate someone. Have fun!

How to play

Use the keyboard or the mouse to control your block

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