Let’s see how long you will survive in a dangerous world of Sonic.io game! Get yourself ready for this adventure full of enemies. You have no ideas about how difficult Sonic.io free unblocked game becomes when you step further into it. Like other multiplayer io games, in this title, you are pitted against numerous enemies that try to knock you out of the arena. You are required to perform your quick reflexes in order to dodge all the forthcoming projectiles as you try to gather as many rings as possible across the arena to grow your score. The enemies you encounter are so diverse! If they are weaker than you, quickly wipe them out before they escape, but if they are way tougher, you must avoid them, otherwise, you will get beaten. Keep growing your score until you become number one on the leaderboard! Sonic.io free is playable in your browser, so come to it now!

How to play

Move your Sonic character using the mouse and click the left mouse to sprint.

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