STARBOMBA is a crossover between battle royale and classic bomberman games. If you love both of these genres, you should give this one a shot now. In StarBomba, you will be dropped into a big arena full of enemies. The main mission here is to slay all of them using your bombs. This means that you have to navigate your way through the arena placing bombs strategically to make all enemies explode before they do the same to you. When you explore locations, don’t forget to collect power-ups to strengthen yourself. Getting powerful is very advantageous because you can take on even tougher enemies. Another crucial thing you have to remember is that the map will keep shrinking in size, and there are plenty of deadly traps dispersed across the arena. You have to be careful with them if you want to stay alive until the end. Do you believe that you will become the most dangerous Bomberman? Play it now!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move your Bomberman, place a bomb by pressing the spacebar and press key Ctrl to use items.

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