ZOMBS.io is a Moomoo.io style tower defense game which is free for all to play online. You will appear in another world together with multiple people. It is possible for you to experience the challenge by yourself or team up with other characters or create a party. Afte you spawn, do not forget to defend your life from zombies and hostile opponents. Meanwhile, attempt to gather as many resources as possible. You can mine rocks or cut trees to collect wood and stone. They are essential materials which allow you to build a gold stash, which will set up your base later. Remember to put down weapons, towers, and traps around your home to save you and precious assets. Always upgrade your system to increase the winning chance because the undead will become more aggressive at night. Besides, you can open the shop and pick out stuff that you need. Good luck!

How to play

Press WASD to move, LMB to gather, build or attack, Space to auto attack, E to upgrade, F to heal your player, B to enter the shop, P to join the party, Enter to chat.

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