Playing in mobile browserBelieve it or not, is totally playable in the default browser of your mobile phone. So, let’s grab a chance to enjoy it using your little phone. There are two kinds of devices, including iOS and Android, and this means the default browsers will be different. For instance, if you are an Android user, you need to use Chrome to play the game, and similarly, for an iOS device, you need to open it with your Safari. Don’t forget to save the main site of the game to your home screen.

How to save it?

For Android/Chrome: You need to tap the three dots shown in the top-right of the window. Then, you touch “Add to Home screen”.

For iOS/Safari: Just simply touch the share icon, then tap “Add to Home Screen”, which is shown in the bottom row of the options.

If you want to share your thoughts and feelings towards for mobile, make sure you send all of your feedback to the development team. And don’t forget to frequently check the main Discord server for more information.

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