New things added to presents to you some new things that have been recently added to the game. You will explore a criminal justice system where you are able to remain violent all the time, and feel free to discover the police station. The local law enforcement has got away from the scene, however, a pack of weapon lockers, together with jail cells that are filled with contraband were left behind. You should try your hardest to crack the right locker, which will bring you the latest weapon called the SCAR-H. With 7.62 blue ammunition placed into the chamber of the gun, this kind of weapon holds 20 rounds per magazine, however, the rounds load a wallop. When you use it, you will find it much better than the AK-47 because it can hit the enemies harder, shoot at them faster with a nice accuracy.

Further stuff will be coming out soon! So make sure you won’t miss them in the next update! Frequently check out the main Discord server of to learn new stuff.

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