How many waves of enemies in game do you think you can beat? If you are interested in strategy io games, you need to try this title right now and present your skills. The game commences from a small wooden house where the waves will appear from. To cope with them, you must use the glock or baseball, together with some guns. When the waves don’t have a high HP bar, you can use just simple weapons to destroy while saving the guns for the high-HP waves. Try to fight off as many waves as possible to get more points that can be used for purchasing new weapons and items in the shop. You have to prepare some strategies in advance as well, then use those strategies to outwit all tough waves for a high chance of winning. Can you fight them off and become the winner? Good luck with free strategy game!

How to play

Move your unit around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to use items, use B to purchase weapons and upgrades, press N to hide your name, and use M for the background music.

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