unblocked is a shooting multiplayer game in space. You take on the role of a hostile alien trying to finish off all other enemy aliens played by real human opponents from other countries. All of you are provided with a spaceship that must be controlled carefully through space to fight one another. You have to aim and gun down on any rivals standing in your way while defending your spaceship from the bullets around. It’s bad if you take damage! Your ship will get destroyed, causing the game to be over. Always stay on guard as you make your way through the arena. Be careful with all the clashes you are joining and keep in mind that the enemies will become harder to cope with. So, you must develop your strategies to defeat all of them. Keep surviving until you are the best alien in space. Come to play free online now!

How to play

Move your spaceship using left/right arrow keys or A/D. Use W or up arrow key to jump, click the left mouse to fire, the right mouse for a melee attack, and the middle mouse button to throw a grenade.

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