Angry Snakes keeps you engaged for hours when it pits you against for many angry looking snakes controlled by real human players from around the world. Feel free to customize your snake following your own way before jumping into the arena. When you start it, you must go collect a lot of dots dispersed around the map and attempt to defeat your opponents before they attack you back when the chance comes. You must increase your size, then use your big body to encircle other snakes, cross their path and force them to run into you. Once an enemy is defeated, quickly gather their remains to grow up even larger. You can speed boost when you need to dash or escape away from dangers, but use it wisely because your length will be reduced. Try your hardest to stay alive for as long as possible and you will become the largest snake in the arena!

How to play

Move the snake using the mouse, click the left mouse button to speed up.

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