Angry Worms is a multiplayer snake game in a browser. Jump into it now for another awesome yet challenging encounter with other opponent snakes controlled by real human players. You will swim through a big arena and find a lot of glowing objects dispersed on the floor. Feel free to eat them as much as you can in order to grow your size and you will find it much easier to eliminate the other worms with the bigger body you have obtained. You should block their heads with your body, force them to crash into you and they will be eliminated instantly. Do whatever it takes to defend your worm! If you hit the body of your opponent, it will be a game over for you instantly. The goal here is to become the largest worm in the arena and dominate the leaderboard. Are you ready for the challenge? Give it a shot now!

How to play

Direct your worm using the mouse, use the left/right mouse buttons to speed up.

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