is an underwater adventure game set in the deep sea. Like, game also lets you play as a small angler fish queen swimming through the water to hunt for food that is dispersed everywhere. By eating food, you can spawn more various fishes, and group them all together to form an army. The more fishes you collect, the stronger your army will become. Then, you can throw your army into a conflict to beat all enemies for a chance of building your dominance in the deep ocean. Be aware of the bigger armies because they can easily take you down and destroy your army. You should also use good strategies with some tricks to take on your rivals, giving them no chances to attack you. The main objective of free is to rule the entire ocean with your strongest fish army. Good luck with this underwater adventure!

How to play

Click the left mouse to assault your enemies, use the right mouse to merge and hold to devour. Use the mouse scroll to zoom.

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