is a shooting game with stunning graphics and effects. As in most other io games, in this title, you also compete against hundreds of online opponents in the same arena. You must show off your excellent skills to destroy all of them for your ultimate victory. Make your way through the map using landscapes and objects to get an upper hand on your rivals. Try your hardest to fight them off as well as protect yourself from their shots at the same time. Getting shot is not a good thing at all, your game will come to an end if you take damage from your opponents. As you progress, the toughness of the fight will be higher, so you have to be more careful and use smarter strategies to cope with harder players. Your intention in free game is to become the best player ruling the leaderboard. Play it now and have a lot of fun with it!

How to play

Use WASD to move, press the spacebar to jump, click the mouse to fire and use the Q key to choose weapons.

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