Connect to the latest tower defense io game and play against multiple commanders from around the world! The main aim is to capture the most territories of the realm! Start off with a small troop and you should learn how to manage your resources wisely!

For every circumstance inside unblocked, you’d better always think of an appropriate strategy. Making a plan carefully will allow you to take over the leaderboard sooner. As mentioned above, you will lead some basic units at the beginning. Once you select your fort and point the cursor at the target turret, your soldiers will automatically depart and fight.

Please observe the number of the warriors that the opponent in free online has or you can be destroyed if they are more crowded than you! You can attack weaker rivals who are closest to your area. Next, you can expand your range when you progress. Further, do not forget to upgrade your army after you level up and earn enough points! The coins are also useful to purchase skins and more. Good luck!

How to play

Place Left Mouse on your tower and select the target, click and units will attack it

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