Battlz.Club is an awesome Free For All game about a unique fighting. Enter a club and become the new member. Everybody will have to face to face in close quarter combat. You have to rob as many souls as possible if you want to rank up and dominate the top spot. Collecting the high number will help you progress faster. For skilled players, they can advance in a wink. Each target will give you more experience. Especially when you get a streak, you will be awarded much more. In Battlz.Club, do not forget to push the prey into fireballs wandering around the battlefield. If your enemy does not die from your hit, they will fly further next time. Besides, energy orbs should be gathered. They will allow you to fill up your dash meter. A dash that is launched properly can knock the foe back a bit farther than a normal attack. Good luck!

How to play

Use LMB to attack, RMB to dash.

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