Play online in your browsers for free to experience fascinating challenges! Inspired by, also presents to you familiar yet awesome gameplay with simple controls. You play as a little fox when spawning in the map, and you must build up the size by eating all the fruits scattered on the ground or the smaller enemies that stand in your way. The more you eat, the larger you will become. When you grow up big enough, you can take on other tough foxes and eliminate them out of the arena. Since you are a quick fox, when in danger, you can use many holes to escape it and protect yourself easily. Do not let the bigger foxes catch you, otherwise, you will get eaten. When you get into a hole, you will be teleported to another part of the field immediately. Take advantage of this to save your life! The goal here is to rule the leaderboard and become the largest fox!

How to play

Control the movement of your fox around the map using the mouse.

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